À la Carte Menu

  • La Camarga

    An extensive menu that combines the exquisite simplicity of our light dishes and the detailed preparation of our main courses.

  • La Petita Camarga

    A space to eat a light lunch or spend a leisurely evening with friends. A delicate menu of light dishes and tapas, combining traditional flavours with modern twists.

  • Menu A

    Crispy tomato-rubbed flatbread, Warm deep fried brie cheese, Iberian ham croquettes....

  • Menu B

    Pickled mussels with carrot and orange, Tempura vegetables, Herb flatbread with salmon tartare,...

  • Menu C

    Wild mushroom croquettes, Mixed vegetables and scallops with persto or Provençal flatbread with....

  • Menu D

    Artichoke chips, Avocado, mushroom and prawn salad or Poached free range egg with ratatouille...


    Besides these menus, custom menus can be created to suit your preferences.

  • Lunch Menu

    (monday to friday) appetizers, 3 courses, dessert or coffee a glass of wine, beer or water

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