Crispy tomato-rubbed flatbread drizzled with olive oil 

Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea

Ham or porcini mushroom croquettes 

Fried artichokes 

Vegetable tempura , with prawns

Andalusian-style fried squid with spicy tomato sauce

Baked sea urchins

Iberian ham

Pickled mussels with carrot and orange

Lamb brain fritters with rocket


Fennel-scented fish soup

Creamy pumpkin soup with mushroom royale 

Rocket, shaved Parmesan and artichoke salad with almond vinaigrette 

Avocado and quinoa salad 

Mushroom and prawn salad with green mustard vinaigrette

Caramelized apple and duck foie gras stack

Warm tomato, potato and large meatball salad with basil oil

Vegetable and lentil terrine  with shaved foie gras

Cabbage and potato mash with Iberian pork jowl

Artichoke heart confit  with Jabugo ham

Fried chickpeas with Catalan pork sausage

Poached egg with asparagus and crunchy bread migas 

Crispy pig’s trotters with courgette strips and ginger jam

Pumpkin and Catalan pork sausage ravioli

Grilled scallops and spinach with raisins and pine nuts

Fresh pasta with artichokes, lemon, slivered almonds and Parmesan 


Rice with fish

Parellada rice, deboned and shelled

Soupy lobster rice

Vegetable rice , with or without cod

Saffron rabbit rice

Pork sausage rice

Pig’s trotter and prawn rice

Porcini mushroom risotto 


Cod confit with citrus

Hake loin with carrot coulis and baby vegetables

Monkfish medallions with braised leeks and razor clams

Chargrilled tuna with garden baby vegetables

Seabass in salt crust or baked in the traditional style

Onion-smothered squidin their own ink

Soya and ginger marinated salmon mi-cuit


Red wine braised boned oxtail

Suckling lamb cooked at low temperature with ratafia sauce

Steak tartare with straw potatoes

Boned pig’s trotters stuffed with mushrooms

Pickled partridge with pearl onions

Caramelized Iberian pork skirt steak with Pedro Ximénez and potato stack

Beef sirloin steak on a bed of spring onions and Port wine sauce

Duck confit with roasted pumpkin and rocket

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